Some basic but effective weight loss strategies

Weight loss methods that works

weight loss strategies Many of us try too many things but get nothing in the end. The reason for this is that we are lacking proper planning and if we are any how able to make any plans, we do not stick to it. We need to document our plans so that we have maximum chances of success with our goals in life. The same thing applies to our weight loss goals. So here I am suggesting you some simple but effective strategies that will work if implemented

  • Purchase a diary and pen from market if you do not have.

  • Just weigh yourself what you have right now and write it down.

  • And also note down what should be your target weight

  • Do your calculations how many pounds or kilograms you need to lose

  • Then set a target date for achieving your desires weight

  • Again do the calculation how many weeks/months or years it is going to take to reach your target weight

  • Then calculate how much weight you need to lose each week as a way to be successful in your planning for the achievement of your targeted weight

  • Then check it out if it is realistic or not. Be very frank and clear to yourself

  • If it does not suit you anyway make some adjustments in the earlier plan.

  • Make a diet plan that suits you and your lifestyle

  • And decide an exercise plan for you.

So do not be late and immediately start. And I know whatever I have suggested here each and everyone of us know it. So I have not shocked with you any new ideas. So what we need is make a proper strategy for weight loss and follow that with great motivation and great desire to get success in your strategies. And also think how you feel when you are not able to stuck to your own strategy, which was totally realistic, and as per your thoughts.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.