Top weight loss motivational tips

Tips to take your motivation to sky high

motivational help When we are looking to lose weight, we want to lose big pounds and not one or two pounds. As we want to lose big pounds, so it will take long time to get rid of these big pounds. Sometime it may be possible that everything just bores you related to weight loss like exercise programs, your diets etc. I mean we have too many do and do not when we are on a weight loss journey.

You have to just go ahead with a fixed pattern in getting weight loss goals. If you have to go ahead with this pattern for a week or two, this may not bore you. But you have to go ahead with all eating patters, exercise and all for many months; you need some kind of motivation that keep you on track. You have to keep on doing something that keep you interested in your weight loss programs. So I am going to suggest you some tips that will never get you bored with your weight loss journey and keep you motivated towards your weight loss goals.

  1. First of all you must know what amount of weight you exactly want to lose and how much amount of weight you are losing.

  2. Do not weigh yourself too often. Just weigh yourself once in a week Sometimes the small amount of weight we loss does not appear on scale. But you can get that by measuring your chest, waist and hips.

  3. Keeping a record of your small weight loss success will also inspires you in losing more big pounds. So keep a record of your small success with you.

  4. Never skip your meals i.e. take your meals regularly. If possible take five to six small meals during the day. Do not deprive yourself of your favorite dishes. Because the more you try to control yourself towards your favorite dishes or chocolates etc, the more desire you have for them. So you should enjoy your favorite stuff occasionally.

  5. Last but not the least drink plenty of water for the whole day and avoid alcohol.

I hope these steps will help you in losing weight without any kind of boredom and in fact you can have some enjoy with your successful weight loss journey.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


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