Even small loss can improve overall health

According to the experts, even losing just 5% of body can be a great boosting factor for your overall health. Suppose you are having 200 pounds of weigh, even losing just 10 pounds can be really healthy. With the number of overweight people increasing in US, there is also bigger increase in diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and block. All these just increase the problems in our life and overall helps in shortening our life span.

But there is good news from doctors of NY Presbyterian hospital. According to them, even just dropping very few pounds can reduce the risk of all these disease and many more disease. For this we all need to take care of our health by eating healthy food and doing exercise regularly.

According to Goland, co-director of the NYPH-Columbia University, obesity problem in our country is causing a huge jump in insulin resistance and diabetes. About 4,000 new cases of adult-onset diabetes develop every 24 hours, Goland said. The risk of diabetes increases as the pounds increase. Exercise is a must for all. Even exercising daily for thirty minutes can be really helpful.

If you are having waist more than 40 inches as a men and 35 inches as a women, you have greater chances of developing disease related with increased body weight. So even losing a small fraction of your body weight can be really helpful for the overweight.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.