Junk food advertising ban comes into play

ban junk food The junk food advertising has been banned from all TV programs that are specially meant for young children. According to the new rule, food and drinks high in fat cannot be shown in programs aimed at children from age four to 9 years (news.bbc.co.uk).

Some of TV channels and advertisers are feeling too much harsh by this decision. This decision has come as a way to avoid the increasing cases if obesity among young children. From January 1, 2008, this decision will be implemented on all TV programs aimed at children up to the age of fifteen and the other adult programs being watched by children.

By putting a ban on food items that are high in fat, the advertisers will have to make efforts to promote healthier food among children. TV channels and the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) are responsible for ensuring commercials comply with the new rules, while Food Standards Agency guidelines will be used to decide which products are subject to the rules.


Written by Brad

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