Which is most vital diet or exercise?

Nutrition and exercise both are important in weight loss. Dieting is a temporary medium to lessen weight rather wise way is to learn how to eat and what type of food we should have to eat and type of food is required to avoid. One has to consult a doctor about what type of food is best. You have to take organic food and look what it offers. Diet work to certain level. While dieting one has to take enough calories so that the burning of muscles can be avoided.

Every balanced diet includes exercise program. Physical activities help the body to purify and muscle building as well as burn the fats. To achieve the goal of weight loss one has to pay enough amount of energy and time, running or working long hours and not sleeping hardly. You need to take a realistic look at how much time you can offer to an exercise program, and redistribute your daily schedule accordingly. The key to success is formulating a plan that doesn’t waste your time. One has to avoid over training or heavy exercises as it can damage the muscles or make you sick.

You can avoid the high cost of gym equipment by studying what you want to bring about. For doing so you can join a gym club and have a variety of exercises there as a number of options available are available to you. You can lose fats from different parts of body like stomach, chest, hips, thigh through a variety of exercises. Muscles do not know whether they are lifting a book or a dumbbell, it is you who knows that.

More the exercise and you can ignore the diet a little bid but not completely because if exercise shape up your body, diet gives you energy for maintaining body and its activities. So as a result one has to build diet and exercise program accordingly and personally.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.