Obese Aussies to get bigger ambulances

The obesity problem is getting bigger and bigger in Australia. According to BBC News bigger ambulance, the increasing obesity problem has forced the health officials to restore their fleet of ambulances. Super size vehicles have been created and new air ambulances will be redesigned to carry the heavier people.

According to studies, 67% of Australian men and over half of all women aged over 25 are overweight or obese. So many Australians are now bulging at the waistline that ambulances are being equipped with heavy-duty stretchers. These ambulances are capable of carrying patients of up to 220kg.

The medical teams have to deal with obese and overweight people very often. Sometimes it becomes really hard for them to cope with the situation. In a recent case that happens in Sydney, it took several hours for 16 Emergency workers to take a patient to hospital from his home. This patient had broken his legs and was of 400kg. Even the Emergency workers had to destroy some part of this patient’s house to bring him out of his house.

The obesity problem is getting worse in Australia and many parts of the world day by day. A lack of exercise and a poor diet, including drinks loaded with sugar and high-fat snacks, are breeding a new generation of fat Australians.

Experts here are warning that by 2030 half of this country's children will be overweight or obese. They have insisted that breast and colon cancer as well as diabetes and heart disease have strong links to obesity.


Written by Brad

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