But why we gain weight

So far we have been talking too much about weight loss and all other issues like various diets and exercise programs. But the very basic question that stuck my mind is why we need to lose weight i.e. how or why we gain weight. If we do not gain extra weight, then we never need to lose it. So we need to find the reasons for weight gain. The best things I feel is remove this problem in total. Today we have to look for the ways to lose weight. If we are able to find out some of the basic roots of weight gain, then we may be able to tackle this problem in a better way. And once we have the reasons why we gain weight, we can make sure that we do not do anything that leads us to gain some extra pounds. I have collected a list of reasons by which we gain weight:

  1. Lack of important fatty acid
    There are some fatty acids like flaxseed oil, which are important for our body to keep up the metabolic rate and to make hormones that our body needs. Lack of these acids can cause cravings, particularly for fatty foods.

  2. By emotional eating
    Many people take food as a source of enjoyment and a good source of getting rid of tension and all. They start thinking food as their best friend. And in this way they start eating too much and that leads to lot of weight gain.

  3. Due to modern life
    In today life, we do not have one thing that is time. So we do not do anything for our health like exercise, healthy eating and nothing positive.We are moving from traditional eating habits to restaurant foods in office and home.

  4. Use of Alcohol
    Use of alcohol has also made add the problems for us.

  5. Lack of sleep
    There are very few people among us in US who are able to take the recommended sleep of eight hours. And sleeping for too few hours bring hormonal change and which force us to weight gain.

  6. Satisfactory temperature
    We try to keep the temperature in the office, home and car, which is very comfortable to us. You know when we are cold our body uses energy to warm us and when we feel hot, it uses energy to chill us. But by making the temperature comfortable and controlled, we are losing calorie-burning opportunities.

  7. With growing population
    America is growing older and becoming more culturally diverse, particularly among the Hispanic-American population. Both of these groups, people over the age of 35 and those of Hispanic descent, have above average rates of obesity.

  8. Moms at older age
    Women are taking too much time for becoming mother. Studies have shown that a teenager girl's risk of becoming obese increases by 14 percent for every five-year increment in maternal age.

  9. Overweight people children
    When two overweight people have kids, their children are more likely to experience weight challenges than a child conceived by lean people.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.