Californians Smart or Stupid eaters?

According to California Center for Public Health Advocacy of Davis field polls, only 10 percent of Californians are able to make a healthy choice from a short list of common fast foods (Central Valley Business Times).

No one from the poll was able to answer all of four questions. Less than one percents were able to answer three out of four questions. And even 68 percent of people failed to answer single question.

Scores were equally poor regardless of education levels or income. “I have a doctorate in public health, and I failed this quiz,” says Harold Goldstein, executive director of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy. “And common sense does not help either. Who would think that a large chocolate shake at McDonald’s has more calories than two Big Macs?”

Field Research Corporation polled 523 registered California voters from March 20-31, inviting them to pick the low calorie, low salt, high fat and high calorie item from a list of four menu options from popular restaurant or fast-food chains (from Central Valley Business Times).


Written by Brad

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Anonymous said...

This is really surprising that few many people do not have the knowledge about what is best fast food for them. Even some professional are missing the healthy food choice that is shocking. People need to be made aware about what is good for them and what is not as far as healthy eating is concerned.