Diet right: Stop emotional eating

avoid emotional eating Too much tension and happiness can make your eating habits really bad especially if you take food as a way to get comfort and enjoy in life. So here are some suggestions offered for solving your emotional eating problem:

  1. Just keep a track of what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat and how you feel during your eating time may help you find the negative eating habits.

  2. Find some way or the other to give some comfort or fun to yourself like by meeting your friends or going for a walk.

  3. To get rid of stress, take proper rest and go for exercise regularly.

  4. Postpone a trip to the supermarket when you’re feeling out of sync emotionally. These feelings can lead to impulsive purchases.

  5. Keep junk food and all away from you and your house. Keep Vegetable and fruit kind of stuff around you.

  6. Take your meals on time and take a balanced diet for better health.

  7. Remember that it’s not the end of the world if you give in to emotional eating. Get a start fresh the next day.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.