Exercising have different effects on boys and girls

boy doing exercise According to a study, exercising affects obesity in boys and girls differently. This study was carried on more than 200 children who were between the ages of 7 to 10. The study found that one out of five as overweight and six percent of them were obese.

Boys exercise hard double as compared to girls. They spent more than an hour on exercise on an average. The boys, who did their exercise with a lot of heart, had direct impact on their weight. And the boys who did less exercise were among the fattest. But this was not the case with girls.


Written by Brad

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Anonymous said...

What is the best weight loss exersize for a 10 year old boy?

Anonymous said...

Ive heard,and im waiting to try,that a good exercise for abs that huge power lifters use is the squat,what is done is a heavy amount of weight is used,halfway down however a slow twist from left them right with the weight works the love handles.Im still waiting to try it myself,the source of this info had the results.