High obesity among Puerto Rican kids

obese kids According to a new study about 13 % of the Puerto children going to the play school are obese. The study shows that districts with the most obese kindergartners are spread throughout the Caribbean island and include both rural and urban areas (from www.kentucky.com).

In Puerto Rico where fired food is very trendy, Thirteen percent of children among 10436, entering in play school are obese, more than twenty percent above their ideal weight. It is analyzed that by 2010 in US, one of every five children will be obese.

Velazquez, who is a nutritionist said that this report should aware the parents and the educators of the increasing obesity problem among kids. All this can lead to big weight loss problems in near future.

According to the experts, it is predicted that two-third of all the obese and overweight children will convert into overweight or obese teens.


Written by Brad

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