Many dieters ends up with more weight

A new study says that dieting is less likely to help a person in long term weight loss and many of them may end up with more weight gain than they were having before going on dieting. US researchers found that a person often lose 5 to 10 percent of his weight in the first six months of starting a diet (BBC NEWS).

Lead researcher Traci Mann said: "We found that the majority of people regained all the weight, plus more. "Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people.

"We concluded most of them would have been better off not going on the diet at all. "Their weight would have been pretty much the same, and their bodies would not suffer the wear and tear of losing weight and gaining it all back."

This study did not name any of diet in particular. Mann said that in her opinion eating in moderation was a good idea for everybody as was regular exercise. "Keeping weight off is a life-long challenge. It is just like heart disease or mental health problems, if you stop taking your medicine you can get worse.

"People who are overweight often don't have a balanced lifestyle and after losing weight too many stop keeping active or eating healthily."


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.