Zero Calorie vitamin enhanced water beverage

According to a news release Fruit2O introduce a new water beverage with zero calories, enhanced vitamins and zero gram of carbohydrate per serving. Fruit2O provides benefits your body thirsts for, like immunity, energy, hydration and relaxation.

Like original Fruit2O, this enhanced product is really tasty and we can get necessary vitamins, minerals without adding any calories.

The product debuts in a clear, 16-fluid-ounce bottle with a silver label. It also comes in four-pack and 24-count variety pack. Suggested retail prices are 99 cents-$1.29, $2.99 and $12.99, respectively.

Fruit2O can help us a lot in staying healthy and hydrated. Fruit2O is a refreshing water beverage made with natural fruit essence.


Written by Brad

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