More kids are getting obese in canada

child obsity Stats show that 26 percent of kids between the ages of 2 to 17 have obesity problem in Canada. People are getting aware about this world wide increasing problem. And the steps to avoid this problem have already started worldwide.

Some people believe that too much of fast food and TV are the biggest reason for this increase in obesity.

Now obesity problem seems to be taken very seriously in Ottawa and steps are being taken by the higher authorities to keep the kids in good shape. The recent step taken in this direction is how the advertisers are going to target children under the age of 12.


Written by Brad

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Johnson said...

Not only kids but all of us are getting obese. The real reason what I think behind all this is our laziness and busy schedule for the whole day. We do not have time for anything except work. We even do not have time to take our meals with ease. We are also not taking the proper sleep.