Obese kids more likely to have ear infection

Scientists in South Korea have discovered that obesity in children may increase the chances of some kind of ear infection. For this child may need to have tubes inserted in the ears to drain fluid, to prevent the recurrence of chronic middle ear infection (Yahoo News).

But many specialists in US have doubts over this research. Whether link exist between obesity and ear infection, but one thing it shows how extra fat can be bad for kids as it is for teens.

In the study, the researchers looked at two groups of children aged 2 to 7 -- 155 whom had tubes implanted in their ears to help them drain fluid and recover from ear infections, and 118 who were in the hospital for other reasons.

The children who were having ear infection were fatter than other kids according to their calculated BMI. Study says that The kids who have ear infection are having 22 as average BMI as compared to the 16 for the other group.


Written by Brad

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That is also because of obesity. If there is any disease that is not related to obesity. We have too many reasons to get rid of obesity. Perhaps this could be another reason for us to avoid obesity