Belly fat causes obesity

Chairman of the Kuwaiti Obesity Association Dr. Yusuf Bu Abas says fat stored in human belly leads to obesity related diseases (from Kuwait Times).

Bu Abas said after his participation in the International Obesity Conference, held in Hungary late April, that the conference shed light on many obesity related problems, and that he presented a number of studies provided by the participants including international doctors and experts.

The conference concluded that a person may raise the risk of heart disease if he loses weight without exercising any form of sports or walking, stressing exercising is the way to lose weight and avoid diseases.

The conference stressed that women must control their weight before getting pregnant and that is to avoid pregnancy diabetes, high blood pressure and caesarian operation, as for the baby may have a tendency to be overweight if the mother's weight exceeded certain limits before and during pregnancy.

Studies in the conference showed that changing life styles to avoid obesity diseases is important and a study from Finland proved that to avoid diabetes for seven years, one must walk and lose weight.

When a person loses 10 percent of her/his actual weight, this leads to losing 30 percent of the fats under the belly which in turn avoid obesity diseases by 40-50 percent. Bu Abas said the conference stressed on the importance of teaching children the healthy eating habits, barring them from junk food, increasing the time for exercising sports and minimizing the time where they watch television and get brainwashed by fast food TV commercials. - Kuna


Written by Brad

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