CSIRO's Total Wellbeing voted best diet

Total Wellbeing Diet at Amazon UKCSIRO diet has been voted as the best weight loss diet by an online panel of Australian Dieters. The CSIRO diet was able to beat other 19 diet plans including Weight Watchers and Dr Tickell's Great Australian Diet.

Other diet plans that were reviewed include Atkins diet, the Zone, Herbalife weight management program and the South Beach diet (From Herald Sun).

But what is CSIRO DIET?

This diet is totally based on a research done by CSIRO, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which compared the weight loss between two groups. Both groups were given equal amount of calories. But one group was kept on high carbohydrate diet and the other group was kept on high protein diet.

Both groups had 20% fat content in the diet, but the high protein group ate 34% protein and 46% carbohydrate, whereas the high carbohydrate group received 17% protein and 63% carbohydrate.

The study showed that both groups lost weight, but those on the high protein diet lost more and felt better, reporting that they felt fuller than on other diets, and felt less temptation to snack between meals (From Health Network).


Written by Brad

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