Fathers to be blamed for kids obesity

obese kid A new study that was carried on 5,000 kids shows that fathers could be actually blamed for their kid’s obesity that do not pot a limit on what and how much their kids have to eat (from ecanadanow.com).

The study looks at different levels of approaches being used by the fathers as to what and how much their kids to eat. It was found that the fathers who do not have no force on the kind of and amount of food being eaten by their kids, end up with fatty children.

On the other hand, the fathers who have already set some boundaries for their kids, end up with kids having lower BMI, healthier and more behaved kids.

One very interesting thing to note in the study was that they found that mothers had absolutely no impact no matter how strict or how loose they were in terms of setting boundaries and limits. Obesity can be blamed on the fathers apparently.


Written by Brad

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