How to keep your child from being overweight

Child obesity is the really big problem that needs to be solved. But the best idea will be to take necessary steps to prevent your child from getting overweight. Parents need to encourage their child in adopting healthy eating habits and more physical activities. Here are some tips that will help your child maintain a healthy weight:

  1. Never force your child for eating when he or she is not hungry at all

  2. Never try to make your child happy by offering him food items as a reward

  3. Do not give your child too much amount of sweets or restaurant foods

  4. Give your child healthy food to eat and no more than 30 percent of all the calories your child eats should be fat calories

  5. Keep your child away from TV and try to involve your child in more physical activities

  6. Make your child used to the good eating and exercising habits

  7. Buy more and different variety of fruits so that you and your child have some options to choose from

  8. Bring lesser amount of soft drinks, chips, cookies and candy at home

  9. Make efforts that your child eats his breakfast regularly

  10. Offer your child water and low fat milk regularly


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.