Why the kids are getting obese?

kids getting obese We have been hearing too much about kids’ obesity and its increasing impact in various countries with Britain being affected the most. Bu the kids are getting obese?

There are very few children or very low percentage of kids who become obese because of medical problems. Recent researches have shown that the kids have bigger chances of becoming obese or overweight if their parents are obese.

It is still not known why it is. It may be because of the genetic factors that the kid inherits from their parents. Kids parents eating habits and activity level may also have something to do with kid’s obesity. Parents have to play a big role in their kids obesity and overall health. Parents need to adopt the things that they want their kids to follow.

Parents need to make their and their kids eating habits really healthy and try to involve kids in more and more physical activities.

Another reason for kid’s obesity can be because of too much of high calorie food available in the market. Many high calorie food products are even made and too much advertised especially to attract kids. Parents need to keep their kids away from such unhealthy products.

Very few kids do the exercise kind of stuff. There are too many kids who never do exercise or walking for better health. These days kids prefer to waste their time with TV sets and video games instead of going out for playing and walking in the garden.

So we need to return to the basic of life. Kids need to go for healthy foods, involve more in physical activities, stay away from TV and junk foods. And parents can help them in choosing the right things for them.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.