Karen Ebbesmeyer story of losing 128 pounds

Karen Ebbesmeyer weight loss story Losing 128 pounds of weight looks like a goal that is unachievable. But Karen Ebbesmeyer, makes its possible. Here is her story how she was able to lose 128 pounds of weight:

Two years back, Karen Ebbesmeyer weighted 275 pounds. According to Karen Ebbesmeyer, she tried everything from low carb diet to pills. But nothing seemed to be helping her.

Then she tried weigh watchers program which had not tried yet. She tried walking on a treadmill for at least three miles a day. And she gave up drinking soda and switch to pure water.

She started eating more and more vegetables. In February, she reached her weight loss goal of 148 pounds. Karen went from a size 24 to a size 6. She wrote a story about losing 128 pounds for Weight Watchers (From KSDK NewsChannel 5).


Written by Brad

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