My small but effective ways of burning 100 calories

In today’s modern life, life is too busy. People do not have time for their family, their friends and even for their health. We have 100’s of ways to be inactive during the day. We have to spend most of our time in the office while working on the computers. And when we are at home, we do not prefer to do anything for our health, but prefer to utilize our time with TV, video games or computers again.

I made it very clear to you that we cannot lose weight or maintain current weight if we remain inactive like this for the whole day. We have to give at least one or two hours to our health and related problems. With 100's of ways to remain inactive during the day, there are surely another 100’s of ways to remain active as well. We need to find handy methods for burning extra calories. Here I am introducing you some of my favorite small but effective ways of burn 100 calories or so.

  1. Most of us have a bicycle, which is rarely used. If you are interested in bicycling, doing it for 10 minutes will burn 100 calories for you.

  2. Find a fitness video that you enjoy most. So following this video workout for 15 minutes will help you in burning another 100 calories.

  3. Walking is the simplest of activities we can do for burning calories. If we do a brisk walk for 15 minutes that will exactly burn 100 calories for us. Walking is the exercise we can easily apply. We can do it in many ways like going for a morning walk with your friends or your doggy, walk to the office if it is not too far or going to a nearby market while walking.

  4. Using stairs is also a great way of burn some extra calories. So please do not use elevator and use stairs instead. If we climb stairs for 15 minutes or so, that will help us in burning 100 calories.

  5. Dancing might look strange to you. But it is also a good way for burning calories. You can do it anywhere where you prefer that perhaps depends upon how good you are in dancing. I himself not a good dancer, do it mostly in my bathroom or in my room with curtains on.

  6. If you have a car, then wash it at home. Washing it at home will help you health wise and finance wise also. We have to give a lot of physical effort while washing it properly.

  7. Do you have a small garden? Do the gardening there for making your garden beautiful. When we take care of our garden, we have to spend at least some time there. It will give us a lot of fun, enjoyment, mental satisfaction and helps in burning some useful calories.

  8. Playing any kind of outdoor game will help you in burning some useful calories. You can try games like badminton, volleyball, Tennis, football or any other outdoor game you prefer.

  9. We can have some other activities like swimming, bike riding and painting etc for great fun and for burning extra calories.

  10. If you do the vacuuming work at home for 20 minutes for so, that will help you in burning another 100 calories.

If your aim is to lose 1 pound in a week or so, you can try our any of these five physical activities to be able to lose 500 calories in a single day. With this average, you will be able to lose around 3500 calories, which is approx 1 pound of weight.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Andy Daycass said...

Hi! Congratulation! You got the big point here. I agree with your thought. In these days, everyone spend their activity just in seat. Why? Because there too many facilitates on our life now we can do only from our seat. We don't spend much energy anymore.. only seat.. seat.. and seat!

You know what, you must active to burn your calories. Being sweat. Beside on these days, people are enjoy every great meal/food without considere their activity on a day.

For example, you work as laborer you eat more for your strength to handle work in factory. But when we work in office, we don't eat so much as the laborer did.

Any of thing had their portion ownself. Not too much or too less.. it must be balanced. That is nature. Every single "much" or "less" had their own side effect. It is not good for our life. You believe that?

It is only my thought. Hope you like it. Best for you Brad!

Dagmar said...

Sometimes it seems quite difficult to try to squeeze in a little exercise to a busy schedule. But when we do finally we wonder why we’d ignore the park or swimming pool around the corner for so long. Or why not sooner turn up the music, grab the hand weights and start kicking up legs and flexing the biceps. Oh wonder, now breathe deeply and start enjoy life to the fullest. For starters, I put together some short but effective exercise videos. Try them, they’re fun.

FHZ said...

Wow effective ways of burning 100 calories. Thats very great.

Spinning is a weight loss exercise similar to biking. When you spin, you have to use a machine similar to bike but with only one wheel and adjustable resistance so that you can control the level of exertion.

Missy H. said...

I totally agree with you that we can lose weight by choosing different daily activities.

I have my own experience of losing over 10kg within a month without really noticing by just riding a bycicle to and from my high school. (which is years and years ago but never mind that...) I put on lots of weight during the third year at my junior high school. I was always hungry and ate a lot. I didn't really think about my weight. I guess it's quit normal for growing teenager to be very hungry all the time and to eat a lot, but as I wasn't doing any exercise I started to grow wide...

When I started my high school which was located about 10km away from my home, as most of kids were riding to school, I decided to do so as well. Riding a bycicle for 10km in the morning to go to school and another 10km to come back home in the afternoon. I was still eating the same amount of food but after a month or so one of my friends asked me "Have you lost some weight?" "I don't think so." I said.

That night I came back home and hopped on the scale. I thought the scale was broken or something because I was more than 10kg lighter than last time I weighed myself!! Let me tell you. It was a happy surprise.

I also noticed that every time we move the house I lose reasonable amount of weight. Come to think of it I clean throughly the house we moved out after we removed all the funitures as well as the new house before we move in. Cleaning does help you burn some fat, I guarantee.

I think we can all choose the life style we want for our health. Use a car or a bycicle. Do a good cleaning regularly or pay someone to do it for you. Use stairs or a lift. It's all our choice, isn't it?