Enjoy dancing and lose pounds really funny

I do not know the abcd of dancing. I know it can be really cool for my weight loss campaign may have some fun with dancing. I also talked about it to some of my fatty friends and their response give me more motivation I was searching for.

I at once decided I am going to try it at least as I was not going to lose anything by trying some dancing steps or some physical moments. I do some search to get a good dancing video.

I got a strange video by a girl named CharityULove. She is saying that she is trying to lose 15 pounds or so by dancing and eating healthy foods. Check out her video:

I do not think she needs to lose any weight. But I love the way she moves her belly and she looks too good to me. Her video can be great for the people who want to try some belly dance or looking to lose some pounds around their belly.

Is she really needs to lose 15 pounds or even single pound?


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


FHZ said...

Hello Brad,

Belly dancing also a weight loss exercise which does not need any special workout gear. You have to start the basics by moving your hips and waist. From basics you can go to the more complicated twists that make belly dancing more unique and seductive.


P.S. I commented here few days ago but seems like it didn't get your approval, hope this time it will.