Small but effective ways of burning 100 calories

Many of us have the mission to lose big pounds like I am fighting hard to lose extra pounds and really satisfy with my weight loss progress so far. There are many people who have in their mind of losing high amount of weight. But they are not able to understand the importance of their small weight losses like losing 1 pound in a week or losing just 2 pounds in 2 weeks time.

They seem to be in hurry. They want to lose weight it fastly, which is really bad as I think. There are many pills, products and programs available in the market that promises you about losing weight fast. But all of them seem to be effective for a while. But we do not want to lose weight for a while; we want to lose it forever. So we need to lose our weight in a slow but need to lose in a fashion that we do not get it back. So we have to look out for healthy ways of losing it.

If we are able to lose 1 pound in a week, we will be able to lose more than 60 pound in a year. Losing 60 pounds in a year is not a small achievement by any means.

One thing we must remember that we have not gained this weight in few days or few months. It may have taken year or so for our body to store that much high amount of fat. So losing 1 pound in a week is a good idea but we need to be more regular with our efforts about losing extra pounds.

To lose one pound in a week, our body needs to burn around 3500 calories in the whole week i.e. 500 calories per day. We can achieve this by reducing our calorie intake to some extent and by doing some exercise workouts like reduce your daily calorie intake by 200 and do some exercises to burn the remaining calories. There are many calorie burning exercisesyou can try out.

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Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Cindy said...

I so agree!! Even 1/2 pound is good!

Just discovered your blog a week or so ago...enjoying it immensely!! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

There is a slight problem with your math. You wrote that losing a pound a week could lead to a yearly loss of over 60 lbs. A year has 52 weeks which equals 52 lbs lost in a year. Not that it isn't a high number also.