Fat people too much sluggish says nurses

fat guys too lazy says According to a survey that was conducted recently that includes 400 nurses, found that it is really hard for the obese people to lose weight or they are too much sluggish about losing weight.

50 percent of the nurses think that fat people are too much lazy about losing weight. 45 percent of the nurses believe that the obese people lack the motivation and the ways required to lose weight.

About 54 percent of nurses feel sympathetic about obese people while 4 percent feel it all disgusted. Some of the nurses found it great to help the obese people while 59 percent of nurses felt it is enough to advice obese people about the weight loss way outs.

20 percent of nurses felt it is useless when it comes to helping obese people losing weight. While 19 percent found it embarrassing (From The Sun Online).


Written by Brad

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Cindy Moore said...

And I wonder what percentage of those nurses are themselves overweight or obese?