Obesity problem is getting bigger and bigger in US

According to a latest study, obesity problem in US is getting worse as more and more Americans are getting obese. There is no single state in US, which is showing some, or little improvement in solving this epidemic like growing problem of obesity. Percentage of obese people is increasing quite speedily and people who are doing exercising are also getting lesser.

Americans are fatter than ever, with obesity rates up in most states and fewer people exercising, according to a study released on Monday. Center and state Government, schools and individuals will have to make combined efforts to solve this ever growing problem of obesity.

Rate of obesity among adult goes beyond 25 percent in 19 states in US. The group advocates that we all need to make collective efforts to fight the obesity problem in US where 60 percent of adults are either obese or overweight.

This would include changes in laws, including mandates on school lunches, requiring insurers to pay for weight loss programs and restoring physical education programs to schools (From Yahoo News).


Written by Brad

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DietMan said...

This is not just a US problem. We have the same in the UK. The teens are now much more obese than when I was a teen (20 years ago). You look at some of them and it makes you wonder what sort of problems they will have in later life. I ensure that my own children ahve a balanced diet with little or no sugar or junk food content.

Tammy D said...

I just wrote about this very thing on my blog too. Only I talked about how Diet sodas in particular are keying us for obesity and the huge issue it has become. Did you know that Soda makers create enough soda for 54 gallons a year for every man, woman, and child??? Isn't that nuts?

If you want to read more about obesity and what we are doing to the US and the world by our diets, you can read it on my blog and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. http://amomsworld.blogini.com