Overweight kids miss school more study finds

According to a recent study, obese kids miss their schools more as compared to their normal weight peers. Obese kids misses an average of 12 days in a school year that are two more days as compared to their healthy friends missed in a year according to the research that was published in the august issue of obesity (From HealthDay).

This study was carried on 1069 school children of forth, fifth and sixth grade which were kept in three categories namely underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese. These children teachers kept a record of their attendance during the whole year.

This is the first even study that suggests that reducing the rate of obesity among kids will improve their attendance in the school and also benefits their studies.


Written by Brad

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Meg said...

Overweight persons are more exposed to illness, especially to diabetes.
So take care of your kids, and of yourself too.

oh no... that not a good thing for a kids.. you need to get them less weight. Most especially they were a kids... take good care of their health.