Love to die when it comes about doing exercise

no love for exercising According to British Health Foundation figures, 6 people out of 10 would not love to do exercise despite of the fact their lives depend too much on it. One person dies after every 15 minutes as a result of physical activity (From BBC NEWS).

Only one third of UK adults are achieving the minimum exercise routine of 30 minutes for five times in a week. One out of seven people said they would exercise if the weather was fine. Almost one third of people between the age of 18 and 24 reported, they would do exercise if they looked fat. Many people said that they do not have enough time for exercising.

17 percent of the women said that they are doing exercise to maintain their physical appearance. For many of us exercise has become an ugly word, which we aim to avoid at all costs. Only 13 % of men and 7 % of women said that keeping a healthy heart was their main motivator for doing exercises.

British Health Foundation (BHF) is trying to show people that 30 minutes of exercise can do wonder for them and for their health and it can be funny also.

Some useful ways to bring exercising in our daily :

  • Park your car 15 minutes walk from your office or take a brisk walk to the Bus stand or train station in the morning

  • Do for 20 minutes of walking in the afternoon straight after lunch. It will help you remain active for the rest of the day

  • Use stairs wherever available

  • Do not hesitate to do the clearing work at home or around your home

  • Join some dance class or swimming class or play with your friends or kids when you have time


Written by Brad

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