Increasing obesity problem among Women in India

Obesity is growing like an epidemic in the developed countries like UK and US. But Asian countries are not far behind. Obesity is getting bigger in Asian countries like China, Thailand, Malaysia and India.

According to a Government report from India, Punjab and Delhi have the highest number of obese women there. According to the stats, 34 percent of women in Delhi and 37.5 percent of women in Punjab are obese. With these two states, Kerala also has more than 30 percent of women obese (Via Hindustan Times).

Obesity rate is very low in poor states like Bihar (5.3 per cent), Jharkhand (5.6 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (8.6 per cent) and Chhattisgarh (6.7). In Punjab and Delhi, 11 percent of women are malnourished and in the states like Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa, more than 40 percent of women are malnourished.

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Over weight or fatness is the tough problem faced by many of us. There are several disadvantages with fat.

Fatness will make us lazy and uncomfortable in many aspects. To avoid this situation we should go for various fat burner supplements.

I learned about the Asia Obesity Epedemic in my graduate level human geography class. Obesity is rising in Asia and will soon be up with the United States and UK.

My blog offered weight loss diets and ideas to fight against this obesity epedemic.

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