Childhood obesity panel to educate parents and schools

Warwickshire County Council’s Childhood obesity panel which was established to solve the obesity problem there has been asked to tackle the obesity problem in children. This panel has warned that approx 13 percent of children of the age of 10 and 11 are overweight (From BBC News UK).

Panel asked the parents to measure the weights of their children. The panel urged that various agencies need to work together to educate parents about the obesity problem in their children and how to save children from getting obese.

According to a Regional Lifestyle Survey back in 2005, all children in northern Warwickshire of ages 4 and 5 are overweight with 7.8 percent being obese. The stats rise to 13% of all children in year 6 (10-11 years) being overweight with 17.8% classed as obese.

Panel chairman Councillor Tony Dixon said: "We realise that in tackling the obesity of a child, we have to try and educate and support the entire family to change its dietary or lifestyle habits."


Written by Brad

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