No fertility treatment until losing weight

Health professionals are urged that obese women should be refused fertility treatment by the time they do not lose weight. Whether they are looking to get treatment from NHS or privately, medical professionals are asked to refuse to deny treatment to women in case their BMI is greater than 35.

IVF should be offered to women only when their BMI drops below 30. British Fertility Society told its new advice was based on what which was fine both for the mother and baby.

"Obesity reduces the chances that a woman will conceive naturally and decreases the possibility that fertility treatment will be successful," said Mr Tony Rutherford, the chair of the BFS's policy committee. "It also increases the risk of complications during fertility treatment and pregnancy and endangers the health and welfare of both mother and child."

Obesity can increase the risk of miscarriage to women after IVF treatment. The BFS guidelines have no authorized weight, but many professionals working in the field refer them to.



Written by Brad

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