Lose weight or die

Colin Corfield, who is 39 years old has been able to lose 39 stones and has been enjoying his life.

Lose weight Colin after weight lossSix months back, his doctor told him that he had to lose weight or he would die in the next six months. Doctors told him that there is one chance out of 20 where he could die from the surgery. But Corfield decided to go through the gastric bypass surgery.

Corfield did not have money for the surgery operation. So his mother sold her house to pay the £32,000 gastric bypass surgery operation changes.

Colin has problems with his weight right from the beginning. Even in his childhood his family saw his putting on weight and his weight problem became worse with time.

"Now I feel fantastic - I can't describe it. Now I'm down to 16 stone. "I was very, very sad at the time I was heavy. "People would say 'Col you're getting too big you've got to do something about it,' but I just wouldn't listen to them. "But I'm not sad anymore - I've got my life back. "I can go back and watch the match at Everton. I used to do it all the time before I got too big to get through the turnstile."

Link - Via - BBC NEWS UK


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Eva Maryam said...

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Eva Maryam

Lose weight or die? THat has the be the ultimate weight loss motivation

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Anonymous said...

It is hard to lose weight but surgery is not the answer.
I must ask, " who has been feeding this man for the last 10 years, when he is that big he can not get to the larder himself." Any person who loves their partner does not do this! Was she trying to kill him or was he trying suicide.

Paul said...

Mr Corfield should be ashamed of himself, not because of his size but because his mother was silly enough to sell her house for him to have surgery. The mother has only her self to blame. One MUST ASK " who has been feeding this guy, because if it was the local shop, they must now have retired on the profits. Seriously though if you love someone you do not over feed them, do you?
I read the original posting and it says "Even in his childhood his family saw his putting on weight and his weight problem became worse with time." What this should have said is " even in his childhood, his family over fed him " with chips and pizza I have no doubt.
If I had my life again I would help all the overweight people. I would be a doctor and my wife would run the pizza hut across the road.


Anonymous said...

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BTW, great blog. Keep up the great work!

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fiona erna said...

Mr Corfield should be ashamed of himself,but mee too. I usually found myself unmotivated because I can't see my progress. I can't buy any propriatery software, so I decided to use workout journal and fitness weight loss progress tracking. But it doesn't quite work also, I wonder why :mrgreen: I guess there is no Magic Pill that will help you lose weight fast and keep it off. I think I should find an accountability buddy.