How to look fabulous before wedding by losing weight

loosing weight before wedding No doubt weeding is important for all of us. Every one want a perfect body shape so that they look fit and beautiful in their weeding dresses. It is possible only when we make efforts to lose weight.

Here are some tips one can follow to lose weight and look fabulous in their wedding dresses:

First of all you need to check your BMI (body mass index) which helps to know the quantity of weight which you need to lose.

Secondly, always try natural way to loss weight. We should eat natural vegetables and fruits. Dark green vegetables will also help us loss weight easily. When we try to loss weight with the help of natural way then it definitely protects us from the harm which we may be get effected with from taking drugs to loss weight. Drugs can easily harm your digestion system. Always eat best diet for your fitness. Try some fiber, proteins and good carbohydrates. Appropriate Diet planning satisfies your hunger and makes it possible to loss weight.

Thirdly, always get some help from your friends to loss weight. There is no doubt that when you try to mix with your friends you feel surely. It will increase your confidence level and you will try participating more and more in weight loss related activities when you feel that everyone are doing the same things like you. So you must mix with your friends and do it with them. Surely the results will satisfied you more and hopefully you will loss your weight easily and comfortably.

And in the end, I want to draw your attention on the exercise. No doubt exercise helps you to loss weight in various ways. When you do exercise it will tone you up and helps you to burn more calories. It also helps you to free from tension. If you are over weight right now you must do exercise. You must go for long walks, go for bike rides, and also do some light toning exercises. It will entertain you a lot and also helps you to loss weight in a better way. It will improve your metabolism system and thus will help you lose maximum weight.

Thus, now it’s not a big problem for the people who want to lose weight before wedding. If you want to look best in your wedding dress, you must follow the advices mentioned in this article No doubt, wedding dress need a prefect body shape to fit in, thus losing weight will give you that perfect fitness.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


MizFit said...


that's the best tip for a beautiful wedding look :)


If you believe that you are worth putting the effort into, you will succeed. Believe it or not, many women sabotage their own weight loss because they believe they are not important. Brides will use many excuses such as they are too busy, too tired, or their fiancé doesn’t like “rabbit” food. In reality, you are the most important person in your life. If you do not take care of yourself and put yourself first in terms of your health, you will suffer greatly for it as you age. The weight loss goal should not be simply to fit into the wedding dress or look good for the photographer. The goal should be to start your marriage off on a healthy foot, so that you and your new spouse can look forward to celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary without high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or other preventable health problems.

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Katie said...

I think the most important thing is to be happy on your wedding day, don't put too much pressure on yourself otherwise you won't enjoy the day. A happy person will always look beautiful. For my wedding I needed a little extra help and was recommended Proactol its 100% natural which was really important to me and really helped me lose weigh

Mo said...

Poignant article. Thanks for all the info.

I agree with mizfit. Losing weight is alot about being comfortable in your own skin. There are some good weight loss tips in this article. I would really encourage people to get a good support group of friends, or a family member. otherwise i would join a weight loss program to gain that support. I think that you should drink plenty of water at the beginning of your weight loss journey, and make sure your calorie controlled diet meets all your food groups. To many people get tired from there weight management program.

David Berman said...

"Event dieting" is probably not the best way to go - putting pressure on yourself and your body to reach a weight loss deadline can be majorly stressful. However, if it inspires positive change that lasts, I suppose some good can come of it.
David Berman, MS, PT, COMT, CSCS

i think adding natural diet supplements to the program will help as well, easy to implement and does not affect your life style drastically.