Give Your Muscles Ample Time to Grow

One of the most common mistakes that exercise buffs make when working out in the gym is actually training too hard. Let's say you want to develop rippling six pack abs. The first thing that you should do for this is get rid of the excess fat in your belly through dieting. Once the excess fat is gone, that is the time that you can use targeted abdominal exercises to start developing your six pack abs.

However, if you will do crunches and sit ups on a daily basis, you are actually defeating your purpose of developing the six pack abs that you've always wanted to have. This is due to the fact that with daily training, you are not giving your muscles ample time to rest, develop and actually grow.

As such, the ideal frequency of working on a particular part of your body while gaining muscle mass at the same time is undergoing a workout routine for two to three times per week.

Why Training Less Often Leads to Muscle Mass Gained

Contrary to the popular notion that the more time you spend working on achieving a particular goal, the better the results will be. When it comes to gaining muscle, the opposite of this is actually true.

As mentioned earlier, the muscles need time to rest, develop and grow so a daily workout routine is definitely not recommended. In gym lingo, there is such a term as a hardgainer. This refers to that skinny guy who just cannot seem to bulk up no matter how many hours he spends on the gym. This has something to do with his metabolism and the way that his muscles are built.

But more than that, the actual time that he spends working out could be the reason why he cannot seem to grow muscle mass. The solution is to actually reduce the number of hours spent in the gym so that the muscles will be given ample time to rest, grow and develop.

Additional Tips for Building Muscle Mass

Now that you have an idea about the muscle-gaining benefits that you will get to enjoy by training less often – there are some additional tips that you need to remember if your ultimate goal is to build muscle mass:

- Limit your training to less than three days per week.

Again, building muscle mass all boils down to the fact that you do need to give ample time for your muscles to grow. Make sure that each workout session will only last for about 45 minutes to an hour. Any longer than that and you will be defeating your purpose of building muscle mass.

- Always combine your muscle gain training with proper diet and plenty of rest.

At the end of the day, having a lean and healthy body all depends on how well you balance your rest, exercise and diet. By making sure that you have a proper diet, enough exercise and you are giving your muscles ample time to grow in between each workout session – you will easily be on your way towards achieving the body type that you've always wanted to have!

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