Lose the 'Ache' in Exercise: Five Tips to Avoid Muscle Injury

The last thing that sports lovers or exercise buffs would like to have is a muscle-related injury. This would definitely hamper the way that they perform their usual outdoor activities and exercise routines.

However, if you usually engage in physically strenuous activities, such injuries are bound to happen. Some of the most common exercise related injuries include twisting an ankle while jogging; wrenching a knee during landing; having a head injury when engaging in ball games; or experiencing muscle strains and sprains.

All about Muscle Strain and Muscle Injury

Let's say that you pulled a muscle during one of your intense workouts. This usually results to a tiny tear in the muscle. Despite the fact that the body has self-healing abilities, a sports injury like this would still take about a couple of weeks to heal.

The typical symptoms of a pulled muscle include a tenderness, pain and swelling on the affected area. Aside from the pain, you might find it difficult to move the part of the muscle that was pulled or strained.

TopFive Tips to Remember in Order to Avoid Muscle Injury

Now that you have a basic idea about the muscle injuries that you may encounter, how can they be avoided? Muscle injuries during exercise may not be a hundred percent eliminated, but there is something that you can do from your end in order to avoid them.

Take a look at the top five tips that you need to remember in order to avoid muscle injury:

1. Always do warm up exercises.

One of the best ways to avoid muscle strain or muscle injury during exercises is to always do some warm-up techniques. This way, your body is better able to cope with the stress that exercising will yield to it – and the muscles will handle the pressure more.

2. If you know that you will be doing some heavy exercises, always wrap your weak joints with support bandages.

You may have noticed how athletes usually place bandages on their wrists, ankles and knees before training.

What the bandage does is to provide physical support to these otherwise weak joints. This way, the possibility of experiencing an injury will be lessened and your muscles will have the physical support that it needs.

3. To avoid back muscle injury, watch your posture when lifting heavy objects.

Taking on more than what your body can handle is one of the most common causes of muscle injury. To avoid this, make sure to stand close to the object which is being lifted when you are lifting weights.

4. Do more pushing rather than pulling.

Exerting a pulling motion towards an object causes stress on the back muscles. To avoid this, make sure that the particular exercise that you are performing involves more pushing motions.

5. Don't stay in one position for too long a time.

Whether you're exercising or furiously typing away on your keyboard, make sure that you don’t' stay in one position for too long. This way, muscle cramps can be avoided. Sitting for too long in particular can cause spinal disc problems. On the other hand, if you're lifting weights and you stay in one particular position for too long, this will also lead to unnecessary stress in the muscles and may even lead to injury.

By following these five tips, the possibility of suffering from a muscle injury during exercise can be minimized.

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