Fasting may result in more weight gain

Are you willing to choose a fasting for weight loss purpose? This is one of simplest way to reduce your body weight. Fasting can encourage sudden and hasty weight loss. Whenever you think of weight loss you should have only one intention in your mind and i.e. to lose fat in a healthy manner. As fasting will result in rapid weight loss but it will not result in rapid body fat loss.

Fasting for weight loss assists in temporary weight decline. Before you start with fasting you should know all the positive and negative aspects of it. While in the normal fasting or long fasting process if you intake any low calorie meal or only juice and grapes, fruits, then without any doubt you will lose weight. And to remain only on juice diet you need to control your self for not eating any sort of high calorie food. You may have another health problem while fasting like your juice diet may not contain all the nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and proteins. So if you for a long time fasting it may result in many health issues. The main problem that you may face is that if you stop fasting and come back to your normal eating habits then you may gain weight what you have lost while fasting.

To keep your body fit and fine during fasting for weight loss you should select periodic fasting. It will result in long and healthy life. You can try one day fasting done in regular and proper way to achieve the weight loss in a healthy manner. It provides rest to our digestive system and supports in the exclusion of toxins from your body. You should learn how to fast healthy and eat healthy. Never try fasting as a most important source of losing weight. You fast to lose weight, than you eat in a manner to remain the weight away. This is the perfect balance.

In the process of fasting for weight loss if you intake water then also it dehydrates your body. In development of body the metabolic hormones recognize the deficiency of nutrients and calorie that you consume and slow down your metabolism to protect its energy provisions. The person who is fasting will have lack of energy and will decrease their physical work levels to protect their strength. So it results in reducing the burning of stored calories in the body and atrophy of muscle tissue.

If you are starving then also your body requires proper nutrition. Or your body starts eating itself. Your body protein needs are met by taking out protein from your muscle tissue. And this results in slow metabolism.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


I think this is an excellant post and highlights that some people have extremes about weight loss, and creating addictions to the feeling which wrongly highlights the benefits of some weight loss choices. Great post.

Hi Brad

Fantastic article on fasting, i really enjoyed that. It is also one thing i wanted to do for so long and with the diet supplements it is easier to do than ever before. Thanks again.

weightloss said...

Its really a great post. As we all know fasting is helpful in weight loss. but long term fasting may create a issue regarding our its good and informative for those who choose dieting for weight loss.