Extra love handles: how to lose them?

Love handles although sounds to be an affectionate word but in American slang it means a layer of fat that accumulates around a person’s midsection, i.e., at the sides of the waist. These are also known as Spare Tire due to the tire like shape that the deposited fat takes around your belly. The other names that it has are Midriff Bulge and Muffin tops. Love handles look ugly and seem impossible to get rid of. They stick out of your pants and are also visible out of your shirts and make your waist look double of its original size. You could be slim like a stick and still own love handles.

Flabby area around your abdomen or ‘obloquies’ is very problematic to deal with and it is often neglected in the process of weight loss or while working on stomach and abs area. It requires more than just exercising to do away completely with love handles. Only after the removal of them can you achieve a perfect body.

Exercising can help you lose oodles of weight but love handles are very stubborn and need special tactics to lose the battle. Some of the exercises that can help you are- basic crunches, leg flutters, twist crunches, standing trunk twists, resistance bands, balance balls etc. Leg flutters not only helps in deletion of love handles but also strengthens your back which plays a vital role in making your middle region fit. Twist crunches works on your internal as well as external obloquies. Standing trunk twist is a good aerobic exercise that helps your heart too.

Along with exercising come your food habits and the diet that you follow. Love handles can be handled with a right combination of diet, exercise and relaxation. The correct mixture includes fresh fruits, green vegetables, low fat yoghurt, skim milk, smaller meat portions (preferably baked or grilled) and a lot of water. But surviving only on liquid diets or eating only leafy green vegetables may aggravate problems by making your stomach look bigger instead of smaller. It happens because of their sudden inclusion in diets or complete elimination of few of the things. So a correct combination is required.

Relaxation plays an important role too on dealing with love handles. Deep breathing, listening to music, meditation or reading books can help you relax body and mind too. It has been proved by various studies that stress and tension enlarges the size of your stomach by slowing down your metabolism and constructing cortisol.

There are other artificial methods available these days to get a desired body. Diet pills and surgeries can help you lose the belly fat. But the artificial ways carry with them high risk such as infection, complications from anesthesia, hormonal disorders etc. And so it is always preferable to use natural ways as these can give you desired results sans side-effects and they also keep you healthy in all prospects.

The most important part played in any of the weight loss program is your own and so is here. You should learn to be gain patience as any kind of fat loss requires time and cannot happen overnight. Build up the confidence in you and do not give up easily because as mentioned earlier love handles are stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Stay active and keep your spirits high which will help you stay happy. Staying happy can help you stay motivated and motivational factors brings out results faster. One essential thing to do is to chart out your schedules and the entire process and follow it devotionally and diligently.

Love handles have always been a major issue with almost all the people (and not just obese people). And it requires a lot of pain and efforts to lose these last pounds stuck around your waist. It has turned out to be a major hurdle in the process of achieving a perfect body. Though these are difficult to tackle but are not impossible. Follow natural method s for permanent elimination of love handles and also to avoid harmful side-effects.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Fast weight loss may not be the ideal way, but it does have advantages:
1. It's better than remaining overweight.
2. It may be easier to stick to a short, brutal diet vs slow gradual weight loss.
3. You may have a deadline for your weight loss.