How Weight Loss Supplements Can Help Obese Women?

Weight loss, although, is a concern for millions of people but it particularly troubles women. Women want to look presentable and good 24X7. And, obesity obviously deshapes them. To get a perfect body, a woman can go to any extent from diet controls to weight loss supplements. This article will take into account weight loss supplements that woman can choose to achieve her desired figured.

One of the best supplements for weight loss is EV Coconut oil. This is a very healthy way to lose the extra pounds. Coconut oil solidifies at low temperature and so it is sometimes solid and sometimes liquid. However, for losing weight it is best in liquid form. Do not heat it in microwave rather take hot oil in bowl and keep the jar in that bowl for few seconds till the time oil liquidifies. Then swallow a spoon full of oil on an empty stomach. Repeat this exercise twice a day. It is a very effective and a naturally healthy way to shed the extra weight sticking to your body. It not just helps in weight loss but it has side benefits too like glowing skin, pretty hair and nails.

Pills made of fish oil are also good to be used as weight loss supplement. Fish oil has in it healthy fats which is Omega 3. Our normal diet includes Omega 6’s and Omega 9’s. For perfect weight loss, a balance of all the three is required. 10-12 pills a day work for weight loss where as 5-6 pills a day are taken for general health.

Third weight loss supplement that I would suggest is ZMA. This is a mix of zinc and magnesium. This mixture helps you to get deep sleep and rest. Do not try to make it at home, as it can cause trouble. Buy ZMAs from the market. It reduces the time you sleep, i.e., you sleep for lesser time now but still you will wake up fresh the other day.

There is a wide market for diet pills and supplements designed specially for women. Each one has something to promise. While choosing the best supplement for yourself, make sure that these do not harm your body in any way.

One of the latest trends these days is the use of herbal products in reducing weight. Most of the people perceive that natural herbs and natural substances are safe to use. However, reality is far away from this notion. Some of the natural herbs do harm your body. Many herbal pills prove to be effective because of the inclusion of Ephedrine. Ephedrine can sometimes be dangerous as it can increase the heart rate, which further causes other cardiovascular disorders. In addition, some other products made of natural substances contain laxatives, which are highly addictive.

Some weight loss supplements also contain caffeine. Caffeine is supposed to reduce your appetite and it increases your energy level and tolerance of exercise pain. Nevertheless, caffeine accelerates your heartbeat and strangulates your blood vessels. Therefore, if weight loss has caffeine in it cut on other stuff in your day that has caffeine.

Studies have also shown that calcium axes your body weight. Calcium is not only good for your bones but can also aid in losing weight. Calcium intake is completely safe and it is effective because of its fat burning capacities. So, drink milk as it is not at all fattening. Milk can, in fact, help you lose weight as it creates a feeling that you have a full stomach and so you tend to eat less after taking milk.

To conclude the article I would say that it is advisable to consult your physician before you start taking a particular weight loss supplement. Lastly, always remember that it is better to lose weight naturally. A proper diet and exercise is the perfect way to shed excessive pounds accumulated in your body. This way your slender body once achieved would stay with you forever. Whereas artificial methods do not last for very long.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.