How to lose weight healthy and safe

Guest post by Chris

Not all weight-loss programs require you to starve yourself, buy expensive meal plans, or purchase a variety of diet pills. Sometimes the most basic adjustments to your lifestyle can increase your weight loss by incremental amounts. Following these weight loss tips may not seem like they would produce much on their own; however, instituting these changes can have a cumulative effect on your weight loss. Losing weight should be done slowly over a long period of time. Diets that claim you can lose a substantial amount of weight in a short period of time are rarely true and can be damaging to your health.

Usually the first thing someone tries to do when trying to lose weight is cut out meals. Starving your body of valuable vitamins and nutrients is not the smartest weight-loss plan out there. Food is a necessity for basic body functions and depriving your body of food can have more effects than weight loss. You will suffer from a lack of energy and even mental deterioration. Instead of starving yourself try to eat healthier meals. Cutting down on carbohydrates and loading up on fruits and vegetables can go a long way to help with your weight loss.

Weight loss meal plans are a multimillion-dollar market. Most people think that if they sign up with one of these companies and have meals delivered to their homes that they will eat healthier and lose weight quicker. There is nothing inherently wrong with these meal plans; however, the problem lies in the cost. Many people cannot afford to spend the hundreds of dollars a month for these custom meals. Anyone can re-create these low calorie meal options by designing their own plan. Just creating a simple low calorie menu to follow for a week can greatly increase your weight loss.

Finally, diet pills make radical statements about greatly increasing your weight loss. Not only are these pills expensive but some have been proven to actually cause damage to the body. Most of these pills aid weight loss by providing the body with a spike of energy. The pills themselves are not attributed to weight-loss, but the added energy that a person receives from these pills is used to accomplish more throughout the day. Often time people experience a huge crash when they come down off of these pills. This can result in a feeling of exhaustion and could trick the body into the need for more pills. As an alternative to weight-loss pills, just getting the recommended daily vitamins and drinking plenty of water can result in the same kind of energy.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


appreciate the help. does drinking lots of water really help?

Brad said...


Drinking water will help you lose extra weight

Thanks for that info. been trying to lose weight from past 3 months and I noticed that drinking water just before meals makes me eat a lot less. So I think drinking water is key to my weight loss (how-so-ever small that may be :))

Acai said...

Really nice posting here. I appreciate you. Drinking water really will help to lose your extra weight. I have studied about it, thanks