4 Unhealthy Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is a very tedious task. It requires time and efforts both. In addition, the results show only after weeks of hard work. Those who are obese want to lose weight at any cost. They blindly follow all the ways they get to know from anywhere. In this process, they come across healthy ways as well as unhealthy weight loss tips.

Many products widely available in the market claim of helping you reduce oodles of weight and these are nothing but unhealthy weight loss ways. If you follow unhealthy weight loss tips to lose weight you will gain weight faster when you finish with your process. A Balanced exercise and nutrition program is the only healthy way to lose weight. The healthy ways keep you fit for your lifetime whereas the unhealthy weight loss tips make you put on even more weight at the end of the program.

You would notice that the unhealthy weight tips are frequently based on the misinformation like nutrition myths such as weight loss tablets or syrups available in bulks in the market. Usually you would find people slashing down their calories and replacing it with the diet pills. Many people also join fitness centers to achieve a perfect in shortest period possible. The above listed methods may be result in instantaneous weight loss but they can also lead to several other problems like muscle lose and health related problems. Therefore healthy weight loss means are always preferred over the unhealthy ones. Always try to avoid unhealthy weight loss tips and never try to compel changes in huge amount to your body otherwise it can cause many health problems.

Following are the unhealthy weight loss tips that should be avoided are:

  1. Starvation: Controlled fasting can help in cleansing and detoxifying the body but starvation is never fasting. After fasting, an individual takes a normal eating routine. If a person starves, the body loses the nourishment and does not get sufficient calories and fuel to function properly. Moreover, people regain their weight when they come back to their usual old eating routine.
  2. Drugs: Drugs are very dangerous if you take them without doctor’s prescription. All drugs that are used for weight loss have diverse effects in the body that may be injurious. Doing the wrong drugs will lead you to be sick and be forced to do more medical billing work.
  3. Laxatives: These are foods, drugs or additions that encourage bowel movements or release the excreta. The only fat loss from laxatives is water weight. The improper use of laxatives may lead to problems such as dehydration and hemorrhoids.
  4. Smoking: Smoking results in an increase in metabolic rate and suppresses the appetite. The dangers of being overweight or obese do not contrast to the hazards of chronically smoking. Smoking cause lung cancer and it has negative effects on the body.

Therefore, all the people willing to get perfect and healthy body should make use of healthy methods and avoid unhealthy weight loss tips as much as possible.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


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