3 Sneaky Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips for healthy livingThe problem with weight loss is that it is never the same for any two people; even if you and a friend follow the exact same diet and the exact same workout routine, one of you will lose weight faster than the other. This is because other factors like your metabolism and the quality of your lifestyle count too – your level of activity, the number of hours you sleep and the quality of your rest, the amount of stress you’re subjected to personally and professionally, the fact that you smoke or drink, and various other things associated with day-to-day life. So it’s never too much to do anything extra to hasten the weight loss process, because every single bit of effort counts. If you’re looking for ways to augment your journey to looking slim and feeling fit, here are a few sneaky ways to do so:

  1. Limit food when unable to exercise: There are some days when it’s impossible to keep up with your regular exercise routine – maybe that project at the office has a deadline coming and you’re coming home late and leaving early; maybe you’re tied up babysitting your sister’s kids because she’s down with some illness and in the hospital; or maybe you have to go out of town for a few days and your schedule and location make it impossible for you to get your daily dose of exercise. When you’re faced by such situations, keep your weight loss program on track by reducing the amount you eat. Remember, you have to make a conscious effort because your body will crave its normal quota of food. But when you don’t work out, you require less; so even if you’re hungry, chew on snacks that are very low in calories or just drink water, juices and soups.
  2. Allocate certain days to pig out: My biggest problem when I diet is that I’m so tempted to give in to the cravings that plague every moment I’m around delicious food. It’s easy to resist when I’m alone or busy, but when with people who are not on a diet or when surrounded by the smells and sights of food that I love (but which my body certainly doesn’t), I tend to lose control. The more I try to resist, the more I tend to binge. So I hit on a plan, one that allowed me one day of a fortnight to eat whatever I wanted. And so every time I craved something that was not on my list of things I was allowed to eat, I reminded myself that I had only a few days to go before I could eat it guilt-free, and this helped me prevail. When the goal is in sight, it’s easier to stay the path. And best of all, when the day to pig out did arrive, I found that I did not have the stomach for too much of the rich and forbidden food. So my taste buds were satisfied, and my diet did not derail.
  3. Work out harder after a vacation: Most people tend to put on more weight after a vacation, and the reasons are threefold – one, they don’t work out while on a holiday; two, they eat more and richer food when away from home and when they don’t have to adhere to their daily routines; and three, they postpone getting back to working out as soon as they come back for some reason or the other, but mostly because of laziness. Enjoy your vacation, but make the effort to work out as soon as you return and harder than before, at least for a week or two after you get back. By raising the intensity of your routine, you burn more calories and keep those excess pounds off.

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Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Slow and consistent, a healthy weight loss plan delivers small successes everyday, building momentum along the way, peaking at the point in time when you reach you're goal. This is key to dieting success.

Most dieters do the opposite...they experience fast weight loss early, their momentum peaks mid-way, and by the end of the diet, they are completely deflated. With no energy left to carry them into the next stage of weight loss -- weight gain prevention -- most dieters give up at this point.

Ahmad said...

i think small frequent meals is a best option as it gives your body to follow a certain routine to burn fats. based on the recent research, dont deprive yourself to eat when you want to eat as long as your eating a small meal, everytime we eat, our body is working to burn the calorie, if you planned to lose weight? dont skip meals. eat everytime you are hungry but only eat small meals preferably fruits and vegetables :)


Madeline said...

Hey fantastic blog. I really enjoy reading your blog. thanks for sharing 3 sneaky weight loss tips. good work keep it up!!!

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