10 Excellent ways to avoid holiday weight gain

Ways to avoid hliday gainMost of the people complain about increase in their weight during the holiday season. Holidays are loved by people and while spending holidays most of us start binging on those food items which are relished by us. If you wish to avoid holiday weight gain then keep the following points in your mind.

  1. Don’t go to a party with empty stomach: If you need to attend parties then eat something before going there. This will stop you from over eating in the party.
  2. Focus on something else: Divert your focus from food to other activities like dancing, meeting new people etc. while partying during holidays. This will help you in lowering down your calorie intake. Other than food, there are numerous things which one can enjoy in parties.
  3. Try eating slowly: People who eat in a fast manner feel hungry again after a short span of time. One should eat slowly so that the mind can accept that the body has received enough food.
  4. Counting the Canapas: When it comes to Canapas, counting gets difficult. One should keep a track of them and eat within limits.
  5. Deal smartly with the Buffet: If you get served with food in Buffet style then pick the smallest plate and fill it with the simplest foods available. This helps in restricting the calorie intake.
  6. Drink less alcohol: Most of the times, people start eating a lot after drinking alcohol. One should not drink too much of alcohol. It is important to avoid obesity and other health problems. To appease your craving for drinking something, you can keep a glass of sipping water or club soda in your hand.
  7. Eat fewer sweets: Sweets offer a lot of calories to the human body. One should try to consume lesser or no amount of desserts. People who know that they cannot stop themselves easily when it comes to eating sweets; should avoid the first bite of desserts.
  8. Keep your own treats with yourself: You should keep your own desserts with yourself. This will help you to avoid high calorie desserts available at other places. Desserts do not always need to be typical holiday food. Even fruits can serve the purpose.
  9. Limiting the habit of "Taste": While cooking food, people should taste only a little bit for the sake of tasting. It is not good to have several large scoops just for tasting purpose. This leads to overeating.
  10. Remember walking: Walking is a very good exercise which helps in burning extra calories. If you walk daily then its good but if you don’t then develop this habit for your own good.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


This has not been a problem to be ever since, maybe I was born having that kind of attitude. Seeing a variety of food i front of me makes me puke.