Can you trust the Sonoma diet for reducing weight?

Sonoma diet for losing weightOut of a large number of weight loss diets available for the people, it is important to choose the best. You may have heard about Sonoma diet plan while searching different internet websites and health magazines. Dietician Connie Gutterson has introduced the Sonoma diet plan for helping people to reduce their weight. This diet is named after a place in Northern California, USA.

Knowing Basics of Sonoma diet
Enjoying the food, consuming food in moderate amount and gourmet cooking are the three main features of the Sonoma diet. This diet plan comprises three stages which are referred as three waves. Wave 1 and wave 2 focus on reducing the weight of an individual while wave 3 is for maintaining normal weight for the whole life by encouraging good food habits.

Get to know about the Power foods
There are different food items which are referred as “power foods” under the Sonoma diet plan.

Bell peppers, spinach, grapes, blueberries, broccoli, olive oil, tomatoes, almonds, strawberries and whole grains are the power foods which are eaten by an individual following the Sonoma diet plan.

Sonoma diet plan at a glance
In the breakfast, milk and whole grain cereals are consumed. Chicken with wild rice salad and celery with hummus in addition to raw baby carrots; is consumed in lunch. In the dinner, a single slice of whole grain bread, pork chops, Brussels sprouts and half cup fresh fruit is consumed. Apple blueberry tart can be eaten as a dessert. Cucumber yogurt sauce along with whole wheat pita is consumed as snacks while one follows the Sonoma diet.

Benefits of the Sonoma diet
The popularity of Sonoma diet has increased a lot in the last few years. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this diet plan is that it is not difficult to follow it. This diet plan has helped many people to achieve stable weight loss results. Sonoma diet plan offers a balanced and healthy diet routine for those people who wish to lower down excess weight from their bodies.

This diet is trustworthy because it has been founded by a famous dietician who has a lot of knowledge about Mediterranean style of eating. There are no or very less side effects of this diet routine. However, one should consult his doctor before he/she starts to follow this diet plan.


Written by Brad

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