4 day diet plan for losing weight

4 Day DietIf you are looking for a quick solution for your weight gain then you should know about the 4 day diet. The famous author of Fat Smash i.e. Dr. Ian Smith has found out this diet plan. Here is more information about this diet plan for those people who are interested in it.

Basic knowledge about the 4 day diet
You should not think that this is a diet plan for 4 days. In this diet, 7 different dieting modules are present which need 4 day each. Due to the different modules, people will not get bore from the food they get to eat in this diet plan. The variety of foods included in different modules also aims at giving a kick to the metabolism.

Seven Dieting Modules
Following are the names given to the seven stages of modules of the 4 day diet plan:

  • Induction which focus on detoxification of the body
  • Transition which includes introducing the same foods again
  • Protein stretch
  • Smooth, where a person is allowed to eat some of the foods he relish.
  • Push, which includes following a strict dieting routine
  • Pace
  • Vigorous, the last stage of the diet plan to help you shed more weight

Foods which are eaten by people following the 4 day diet plan
Avocado, fruits, whole grains, low calories salad, nuts, legumes, vegetables and dairy products having low fat content

Exercises during the diet
In this diet plan several exercises are recommended according to the module of dieting routine. People should focus on starting the exercises with shorter periods and then increasing the time and pace of their exercises.

Advantages of this diet plan
This diet plan has a different kind of approach for reducing excess weight from the body. People also get a chance to eat those foods which they relish in the slow module of this diet plan. Goal setting is the important part of this diet plan. It is not very strict in all the modules therefore it is not difficult to stick with it. It is good for vegetarians. You do not also need to spend money on some special kind of supplements and foods while following this diet routine.

Disadvantages of this diet plan
This diet plan does not tell you which foods are to be taken individually for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Dieters who like to follow a routine with meal plans may not like it.


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