How to lose fat from the belly healthy

Guest post by Chris
Chris maintains a weight loss/fitness blog where he shares information on how to lose belly fat in a healthy and natural way.

The food we eat contains calories that are converted to energy so the body can efficiently perform its physiologic functions as well as the activities that we do everyday. However, due to excess calorie intake and sedentary lifestyle, not all calories are burned by the body. The calories that are not converted to energy are then stored to the body as fat deposits, most of these are deposited in the abdomen as it contains more tissues, thus it produce a bulging belly. Due to the pull of gravity, the bulging belly is pulled down causing it to sag. Bulging and sagging belly fat are unsightly to look at and hard to lose, that’s why some people resort to diet pills, surgeries, and other ways that could pose risk to one’s healthy. In this article we outline the most efficient ways on how to lose belly fat the healthy way.

Diet Pills vs. Small Frequent Feeding
Diet pills have been becoming popular especially to those people who are desperate in losing the fat from their belly. Though some of these pills do work, most of these pills have side effects on one’s body. Some diet pills can cause serious side effects such as hypertension, some can be addicting, and others can disrupt the metabolism of the body. So instead of taking in diet pills, why not mind-set your body to eat just the right amount that you need and stop eating as soon as you are full. Small frequent feeding helps in balancing the daily calorie intake. Also, by eating small frequent meals, it is less likely that a person overeats and calories are burned more efficiently.

Liposuction vs. Regular Exercise
Liposuction is considered as a shortcut in losing the belly fat. This is popular among celebrities, elites, and anyone who wants to lose belly fat fast. Swelling, Bruising and numbness are side effects of this procedure. Also, it can cause infection, allergic reactions, blood clots and drug reactions if not properly done. Instead of going through the needles, regular exercise is a much better option. Getting a regular exercise definitely helps in losing belly fat, reduce risks of chronic diseases, improves sex-life, and it’s free. Start by doing aerobic exercises like walking and cycling for at least 30 minutes a day followed by modified crunches to tone the abdominal muscles.

Starvation Diet vs. Balanced Diet
Food is vital for us to live as it does not only provide us the energy to do our activities of daily living but is also the energy source for physiologic activities like respiration. Starving one’s self is on the top of the “Never to do” list as it will disrupt the functions of the body organs and eventually cause it to cease from functioning. So, to lose the belly fat healthily, eat just the right amount of food from different food groups. Watch your calorie intake; take in just enough calories that your body needs for energy. Remember, every 3,500 excess calories you take in adds a pound to your weight.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Brad said...

I agree that small, frequent meals are a better way to go than diet pills. And healthier. A lot of diet pills have diuretic properties and can severely dehydrate you if you're not careful. Lots of water is always a good idea either way you go.

Sara Johnson said...

i honestly believe that fat pills will destroy you more than anything. it might be hard when you start and you might feel that it takes long to start dropping the weight, but when you combine the proper nutrition and in smaller portions, it is they way to do it. and i also suggest drinking a big glass of water before each meal.