Can you trust "Eat stop eat: 24 hour fast" for weight loss

"Eat stop eat" is a diet plan whose founder is Brad Pilon. He says that while working in the sports supplement industry; he realized that now days nutrition research is done mainly for marketing purpose and not for the improvement of health. Pilon gave a lot of his time in researching various aspects of weight loss and he found out that restricting calorie intake for a long time is the only effective way to reduce weight. If you wish to know more about the Eat stop eat diet then kindly read on.

Eat stop eat diet basics

This diet plan advises people to follow a cycle of fasting and feeding. Pilon has proven that fasting does not affect the rate of metabolism in the body in a negative manner. He says that when we eat more food than required by our body then it gets stored in our body to be used at such a time when we do not eat.

Pilon says that people should fast for 24 hours in a week. He suggests a wonderful method for doing this. You can eat up to 6 P.M in a day and then stop eating till 6 P.M of the next day. Fasting for 24 hours in a week will have same effects as restricting our calorie intake in small amounts for all 7 days of the week.

Foods which are eaten in Eat stop eat diet

Vegetables, coffee, herbs, fruits, lean proteins, spices, artificial sweeteners and tea.

Meal plan for the Eat stop eat diet

There is no specific meal plan designed by Pilon for the dieters because there is no need of a meal plan for dieters who follow the eat stop eat dieting pattern.

Exercises to do

Doing exercises is important while following this diet plan. You should do resistance exercises for 2 or 3 times every week while you follow this diet plan. It will be more beneficial if you do other exercises like cycling, yoga and aerobics.

Positive aspects of the Eat stop eat diet
  • This diet plan has been testified by several scientific studies done by Pilon
  • Fasting for shorter durations helps in increasing longevity
  • It is easy to stick to this diet plan as it does not require you to eliminate any foods
  • It makes people aware of various eating habits and food options
Negative aspects of the Eat stop eat diet
  • Not everyone would be able to fast for 24 hours. It may cause headache and discomfort to some people
  • It is not recommended for people having a history of eating disorders
  • It promotes eating artificial sweeteners

Eat stop eat diet plan is really effective in reducing weight. However, dieters should avoid eating a lot after their fasting period is over. Overeating after a fast will neutralize the positive effects of fasting. This diet helps in losing weight without eliminating any food items eaten by the dieters. It is safe and easy to follow this diet plan.


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