Getting Six Pack Abs Fast

This is a guest post by Chris, who also writes at how to get a six pack.

‘Six pack abs’ is usually the answer when you ask people on what they want to have or develop in their body. You can hear them say different reasons such as attending a get together with friends, wanting to impress their loved ones, going to the beach this summer, etc. However, they all have one goal, and will go through the same struggle. That is, to do workouts that almost all people hate.

Before engaging in doing workouts or exercises, people should first learn the concepts or the basic steps involved in achieving that dreamy six pack abs. There are 2 things involved in the process. First is the abs itself and the second is the fat that is covering the abs.

The abdominal muscle is already in the body of every person. All that is needed is to strengthen that muscle, make it firm, and show it. However, in order for it to become visible, those fats covering the abs should be removed or burned. Once gone, the belly will have that chiseled abs that everyone has been dreaming of.

All that you need to do is ab exercises. There are a lot of ab exercises to choose from; you can either live in luxury and go to the gym and try all those fancy machines, or you can choose the natural way of exercising.

When doing exercises naturally, they have more effect in the body and a positive impact for your health. Besides ab specific exercise, core exercises should also be added in your routine since this has a great effect in burning calories and strengthening the body. Below are some of the natural exercises that can de done to achieve that six pack abs:

Side Turns – Lie down on the floor and raise both feet up in the air, keeping the lower back flat against the floor. Keep the legs either straight or slightly bent and the arms sideward with the palms facing the floor. Turn the legs sideways towards the floor with your feet together and hold for a few seconds, then vice versa.

Hanging Leg Raises – This is one of the most effective and has the highest intensity among the lower abdominal exercises - if performed properly. Start by hanging from a bar or an abs chair with the legs slightly bent. Then bring your knees up as high as you can to your chest and make sure that the abs is being crunched.

Leg Scissors – Lie down on your back and lift both feet off the ground for a few inches. Keep them straight or slightly bent. Then, start moving the legs up and down in an alternating manner, making sure that there is no movement at the knees. Keep the back flush against the floor and make sure that the feet will not hit the floor.

Alternating Leg Walks – Lie on your back and place your hands under your butt. Then start contracting the lower abs, tightening the leg muscles, and lift one leg straight vertically. Hold this position for 2-4 seconds. Then lower it down until a few inches off the floor and hold for a few seconds. This time, do the same process with the other leg, and following an alternating manner.

Most people will find these exercises hard to perform, tiring and exhausting. However, this is an important part of the process. Sacrifices should be made in order to succeed. If this is done correctly and religiously, then it will definitely help you in achieving that most coveted six pack abs, which is worth to be shown.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


I am agree with your post it is very informative.
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Webmaster@Weight Loss Tips

This has been so helpful for those who are in to losing weight.Great tips.

AnaVar said...

Great post, thanks for sharing.


I agree with the post but think more emphasis should be put on losing the fat over the abs. Without a doubt all of these exercises will help strength and tone the ab muscles but if you have a layer of fat covering them you will never see them.

Calories in Calories out is my motto. You have to get the body fat down. Change the eating and workout.


Greg said...

The article started off great but then veered away from the starting premise that stated there are two issues with developing six pack abs - losing fat and developing the rectus abdominis.

Abdominal exercises, by themselves, are very unlikely to help anyone develop a six pack on their own. A more effective way to develop a six pack is to eat more effectively (80% of the focus), exercise more effectively (a circuit strength training plan that varies from session to session - 3x per week - and emphasizes multi-joint exercises such as squats/lunges, push-ups or other chest press exercise and a rowing exercise or chin-ups. These exercises, if done correctly will also strengthen the core. On 3 other days, an interval cardio program will help burn fat.

Of course, all of this probably won't get you there unless you increase your activity level. What will use your improved fitness to accomplish? You could go for walks with your family, join a recreational sport activity, join a hiking group. Becoming more active in your daily life will also make a big difference in achieving that look.

Good luck and best wishes!


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Mark said...

This is very informative. I must try this sometime.Thanks for your helpful tips.

AnaVar said...

Great exercises. Thanks for sharing.


Linda said...

Exercise is really the way to lose weight naturally and fast!

I’m really lucky and so glad that after surfing the web for a long time I have found out this information.

You have some excellent tips and encouragement for those on a weight loss diet. Great job - and everyone always wants to know how to get that six pack, so keep us posted on how we can get there fast!

Anonymous said...

Wrong, wrong,wrong... There is no such thing as spot fat removal, sorry. The correct and only way to bring out your abs is to lower your entire body fat percentage. Ab exercises only strengthen your abs but they will still be hidden under fat. I suggest compound exercises, at high intensity and heavy weights ( heavy as you can SAFELY lift). Of course a sensible diet too. Find out how many calories your body requires and start cutting..

This is a great post. But I don't think that many of us can really go for abs. Mind be way too hard for them.

How I wish I could have my own six pack abs in the fastest duration of time. I am used to eat foods with no limitations and no proper exercise. I really have no time to lose my weight. Maybe the best solutions for my problem are proper diet, exercise and avoid drinking beer that can cause to obesity.

Sea Veg said...

i read your comments that is very helpful for me. i like your comments.

Good to know because I was able to gather information on what to do in order to get six pack abs fast. I know that it is not easy to do the process; being patience is one factor to reach the goal.

six pack abs said...

Diet you are taking must be Fat burner. You must do Exercise daily in early morning.

Nice Information.. If we follow this information in how many months we can get six pack abs?