Healthy food for weight control

You know diet pills; liquid meals and unusual combinations of foods are not the things, which are going to help in controlling you weight and managing your in the long run. The thing, which is going to help, is the variety of healthy food you eat.

While going for a new eating style, try to lower the calorie you consume as that is going to help you in weight loss. But lessening calories does not mean decreasing taste, contentment or even simplicity of food preparation. The best way of decreasing calories intake is by trying more plant based foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Go for range to facilitate you get your goals without compromising taste or nutrition. Cutting back on calories is easier if you focus on limiting fat.

For losing weight, talk to your doctor about setting these daily calorie goals:

Your weight Daily calorie Daily calorie
(Pounds) (Women) (Men)

250 or less 1,200 1,400
251 to 300 1,400 1,600
301 or more 1,600 1,800

With time, I think your calorie needs may change depending upon the how much weight loss you desire and your health risks. In case you have got your weight loss target or feel too much hungry, you can increase your calories intake.

Very low calorie diets aren't a healthy long-term strategy. Less than 1,200 calories a day for women and 1,400 calories for men aren't normally suggested. If your calories are too low, you run the risk of not getting all of the nutrients you need for good health.

It's usually best to talk to your doctor before starting any weight-loss plan. A weight-loss specialist can help guide you in making the healthiest, most effective and safest food choices based on your individual needs.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.