Weight loss safety foods

If we all want to lose weight permanently, we all need to make permanent changes in our eating habit. Starving is not the solution for us to lose weight. So we need to look at what we are actually eating. So here is what we can make change in our eating habit:

  • Replace red meat by chicken and red fish as much as you can

  • Use fresh ingredients instead of processed foods while preparing your meals.

  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits

  • Go for whole grain products over those made with white flour

  • Decrease the quantity of sugar in your diet.

  • Adding functional food to your diet is also beneficial. negative calorie foodsFunctional foods are those that have benefits to the body above and beyond their basic nutritional qualities. Foods that would be considered functional foods for weight loss would be those that make us feel full and satisfied for longer, and those that have the potential to increase our metabolism.

    Some examples of functional food are Finally, take a look at adding some "functional foods" to your diet. Other examples of functional food include low fat milk, nuts and tea. One more example of functional food is green tea for weight loss.

These changes should help you lose weight.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Diet Diva said...

Lots of fresh unadulterated food is, I think, the best tip of all. Processed foods have so many addatives... and have been messed around with so much before we eat them; I doubt they contain much nutrition and who knows what negative effects the addatives have.