Get flat stomach

In this post I am going to help you get a flat stomach. flat stomachBut to get flat stomach, you have to make steady efforts. Here is my listing of efforts you have to make as a way to get a flat stomach:

  1. Swimming
    I think swimming is much easier as compared to walking for burning calories. If you do swimming for around 30 minutes per day, you are going to lose one inch from your stomach in only five to six weeks.

  2. Press-ups
    Holding the press ups for thirty seconds will help you flatten your stomach. So you can go ahead with doing 3 sets of 30 press-ups per day to lose inches from your stomach.

  3. Heavy breakfast
    Taking heavy breakfast in the morning also helps you lose some inches from your stomach, as it will cut down your overall intake of calories during the day.

  4. Nordic skiing machine
    If you try Nordic skiing machine, can help you flatten your stomach as well. Doing 30 minutes everyday for five-week help you lose one inches from your stomach.

  5. Walking
    Walk it off. Walking briskly for approx 20 minutes twice per day should melt one inch from your waist in about two months.

I hope these tips are simple and effective for you to lose some unwanted weight. So take these tips very seriously to lose some ugly inches from your stomach.

Hopefully you will agree that these are fairly simply ways to lose weight. If you are serious you can mix and match to burn off more than one inch, but be careful not to lose weight too quickly.


Written by Brad

This blog is my weight loss journey and hope this journey will help in losing some extra pounds.


Anonymous said...

does crosstrainer benefit in reducing the inches??

madhavi said...

does liposuction is useful method to reduce weight? is it very expensive?
is there any other method which is less expensive? qualitative?